Demo Release Party!

Posted by Jordan on May 17, 2018

Party y'all, the DEMO has finally been released!

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We spent a good part of a year designing Otto, the story went from vampire hunter to Greek mythology and finally to a world where an infinite amount of mythologies and folklore have become true! It was an amazing learning experience, jumping from Unity3D to Game Maker Studio 2, and playing tons of NES platformers to get an idea of what makes these old games so damn good. We worked long and hard on Otto while also working at our day jobs, and we hope you guys really enjoy playing it! Video games have given me so many hours of entertainment and I hope Otto can do the same for you guys!

We really appreciate the feedback we've received too, hearing from the community has been awesome and I've already made several changes based on it. We will continue to ask for more feedback and give everyone more updates on what's new with Otto.

Enjoy the demo!

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