New Updated Website!

Posted by Jordan on January 19, 1970

Hey everyone,

Gonna give a little update on what's new with Obvious Gravity including the website, concept art, and twitter! First we'd like to welcome a new person to our team, Wyatt Israel! He is a web developer who has redesigned the website and added a lot of great new features to it like the mailing list. You can subscribe to the Obvious Gravity mailing list where we will update you with new Otto and the Ancient Worlds news, and eventually access to a playable demo. We look forward to your subscription, and would love future input on the demo :) !

Kate, our concept artist, has made an amazing water color of Otto riding a sea turtle! Out of context I love how random and confusing this image is. So there is a point in the demo where Otto will be riding on a 'raft' in the water. We don't want it to be your typical raft, so we are brain storming some ideas of it being an animal instead. So far we are leaning more towards it being a goat (kinda weird), but sea turtles are also pretty bad-ass.

Michael, our pixel artist, made a hilarious twitter banner that is meant to resemble the Mega Man 3 box cover art. As you can see above, Mega Man is shooting a robot in the crotch with a really sinister look in his eyes. He's a little too pleased with his aim if you ask me... and I honestly can't believe this cover was okay-ed, but thank glob it was haha! So naturally we made Otto whipping a Minotaur in the crotch with an equally sinister look. I hope you enjoyed this parody art because we will continue to make more Otto box cover art that resembles other NES video games.

Next post I'll discuss why I changed from Unity3D to Game Maker Studio 2!

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