Why Our Protagonist Uses A Whip

Posted by Jordan on April 15, 2019

When I first was developing the concept of Otto, I wanted him to have a ranged attack just like Mega Man from NES.  He was a vampire hunter, much like Van Helsing, throwing wooden stakes at evil classic monsters. Otto was going to fight the Mummy, Dracula, and Werewolf while Dr Frankenstein would play the role of Dr Wily.  I started to play my favorite NES/SNES platformers to get some inspiration, and soon I realized I preferred using a melee weapon rather than a ranged one.

So we thought wouldn’t it be funny if Otto had some useless crappy weapon.  Instead of him having some epic sword or legendary axe, he’ll just use a branch from a tree and beat his way to victory! This didn’t last long because I wanted the weapon to have a longer reach at the start and future upgrades would increase this reach as well.  Sure this could be accomplished with a longer branch getting upgraded but that just sounds stupid! So I had to decide between a spear or a whip.

The whip to me is a sort of middle ground for wanting a melee and ranged attack.  It’s an attack that gives you the furthest range without it being a projectile. It still feels like a unique weapon in games, and has a history of total badass characters using them like the Belmont family and Indiana Jones.  There are others like Shantae(using her hair), Bart from Xenogears, and Miriam from Bloodstained.

So there you have it, that was the process of Otto finally coming to use a whip.  Soon we will be working on in game upgrades that increase the range and add extra damage!  Who knows, maybe there will be a flame whip, or even a branch whip to show respect to the old stick weapon Otto used to have LOL.