Working Hard on Enemy Design

Posted by Jordan on February 24, 2017

Hey guys, giving a little update on our game! 

We've all been working very hard on enemy designs as of late. Michael, our pixel artist, has made some amazing art from Vultures and Porcupines to Minotaurs and Harpies. What are Harpies you ask!? Well, it's a creature in Greek Mythology that roughly looks like a woman fused with an eagle. It usually has a woman's face and body, but with a bird's wings and claws. If you google Greek Mythology Creatures, you'll get some interesting/disturbing results. 

I've been working on basic enemy AI, and I have been playing a lot of vintage games to get a better feel for it. I've spent the last previous couple of weeks making our game "pixel perfect" in Unity, so I'm excited to start on something new! In the future I'll have a post on how to set up a pixel game in Unity3D, where I'll also complain about Unity not having certain features. As for basic enemy AI, I'm thinking of everything in two terms, passive and aggressive. The passive states can be an enemy following a path, standing still, or just randomly moving(change direction at edge/wall or maybe it's suicidal and walks off the edge!). It's basically the state an enemy behaves when it doesn't care about the main characters position. It's just minding its own business, but you'll get hurt if you touch it! 

Then there's the aggressive state, where the enemy focuses on the main characters position. The enemy could run towards or follow the main character to touch/attack them, or even stand still and shoot them from a certain distance. Most, but not all, enemies will change to the aggressive state once the main character is in range, and will have their own unique pattern based on the enemy design. After playing Super Mario World, I've come to realize that your enemies don't have to be alive, they can be the environment. 

Thanks for reading!